How to Add Some Luxury to Your Bathroom Re-Design

Bathrooms are a main aspect of a property and have the potential to add a lot of extra value to your home if you ever consider selling it. To make your bathroom stand out and give it a sense of luxury, these tips will hopefully give you the extravagant bathroom space you want.

Smart Investment in Fixtures

The main fixtures in your bathroom (baths, showers, sinks & toilets) will be a large focal point in the room for both you and any guests that visit, it is important if your budget allows it to invest in a really striking bathroom fixture.

You may not necessarily have to change anything else in your bathroom, merely investing in a high-quality fixture itself will add such a large sense of luxury.

Choosing a whirlpool bath which is a bit more than just a regular tub could be a major luxurious addition to your bathroom.

The use of the jets in the whirlpool bath creates motion in the water and has been reported as providing health benefits. They are great for relaxation and the motion of the water can increase circulation, treat arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

Choose a whirlpool bath to add some extravagance to your bathroom by choosing a seller such as Luna Spas.


Lighting & Mirrors

It is important to cleverly choose lighting within your bathroom, getting the correct balance between natural light from windows and lighting fixtures is important. When choosing lighting fixtures, fluorescent tube lights can be too harsh and clinical for this particular space. Whereas, spotlights or downlights on the ceiling will be more appropriate and give sufficient lighting in the space.

To browse an extensive range of lighting, is a website dedicated to various different lights and would be great to choose the perfect lights for your bathroom.

Mirrors and lighting go together, that is because mirrors have the ability to reflect natural light off their reflective surface and create the illusion that a room or space is bigger than it actually is. If you have a smaller bathroom space and you want to make it appear a bit larger, then placing multiple mirrors in your bathroom is a great way to do this.


Colour Scheme

Even a really simple bathroom that uses great colouring can look extremely luxurious. White bathroom colouring is a classic choice for a reason; it looks simple and elegant without too much hassle.

Choosing a white or neutral wall paint colour, then choosing your towels, painting your furniture and making sure as much of the contents of your bathroom are neutral or white will go a long way in creating a luxurious look that you are after.


Bringing Your Kitchen to Life

Let’s admit it: when there’s a party where is the best place to be? The kitchen of course! Kitchens are the heart of the home, from whipping up family meals to late night conversations at the breakfast bar – your kitchen sees a lot of life pass through it! Adding plants and flowers to your kitchen decor adds a homey feel and can have other unexpected benefits too.

Fresh Air Plants

You probably remember for school days that trees suck in dangerous carbon dioxide and pump it back out into the air as oxygen. Ever noticed how the air in a forest or park seems cleaner than by the bus stop? Did you know that common houseplants can have the same effect? A recent NASA report found that certain houseplants have been scientifically shown to improve the quality of the air in your house by removing nasty elements like trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde from the air. The top houseplants to improve air quality in your home are listed below. Adding any of these plants to your kitchen will not only look good but will actually make the air inside your home better:

Dwarf Date Palm Spider Plant Bamboo Plant
Areca Palm Devil’s Ivy Snake Plant
Boston Fern Peace Lily Heartless Philodendron
Kimberly Queen Fern Flamingo Lily Aloe Vera
English Ivy Chinese Evergreen Azalea

Cut Flowers and Herbs

If you are not so green-thumbed that you feel confident keeping plants looking good, then consider using freshly cut flowers to bring colour to your kitchen. If you have a garden, you could showcase seasonal blooms as part of your kitchen decor, mix fresh cut blooms with long grasses and sprigs of herbs for a rustic looking bunch. Sprigs of rosemary have the added bonus of spreading their fragrant scent throughout the room. Keep the rustic feel going by using kitchen items like jugs, old milk bottles or mason jars to display your flowers or dress up a plain vase by wrapping it in burlap and using some decorative twine to tie it together. If you don’t have access to a garden consider using a flower delivery service to provide you with bouquets that can keep your kitchen looking fresh. Bloom Magic UK provides free delivery to anywhere in the UK and also guarantees that their flowers will stay fresh looking for seven days. The website also includes a flower care guide for tips and tricks to keeping your flowers looking good for longer than that.

Edible Plants

Adding edible plants to your kitchen looks great and is practical for all your cooking needs. Recipe staples like parsley, chives, lemon balm and mint will look great on your kitchen windowsill while providing you with fresh herbs throughout the year. While it might be tempting to put all of you herbs into one container you may run the risk of a quicker growing herb squeezing out the other varieties. For the best results keep separate plants in their own pots or planters. Search Etsy for stylish planters that best fit your kitchens theme. When it comes to choosing your plants, you will get the best results with plants that were cultivated inside, bringing outdoor growing plants inside doesn’t usually end well!


The Latest Bathroom Accessories

At Pure Kitchens & Bathrooms we love it when a bathroom is updated with all the latest accessories which help the interior remain modern and stylish in the present date. This enthusiasm for bathroom interiors has encouraged us to write a blog post which will help you get a better understanding of all the little elements and accessories you can input which will improve the appearance of the room overall.
We hope the list is of use to you!

Update your mirror

Image result for bathroom mirror

One of the most useful accessories which we never usually think about, yet use daily is the mirror in the bathroom. Due to the typical bathroom mirror taking up so much room of the wall, and the fact that it’s usually located directly in front of where you wash your hands, it’s important to make sure that you have a presentable and clean mirror – if your mirror has seen years of mistreatment and isn’t looking great you should replace it. This isn’t too big a deal, as you can get a cheap bathroom mirror in stores such as Ikea.


Toilet roll and toothbrush holders

This is a cheap and easy solution if you have lots of loose accessories lying around your bathroom and you are looking to tidy it up. Don’t just sit your toothbrush on the sink, buy a toothbrush holder, you can get a lovely one for only £5 or so in any store such as B&M and even in supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda. Whilst you are in picking it up, think of other accessories which you can buy on the cheap which will help you with the upkeep of your tidy bathroom, such as a toilet roll holder.


Bathroom radiator

No matter if you repaint your bathroom walls, install a new bath, sink or toilet; the bathroom isn’t going to appear complete until you get rid of the out-dated radiator which is in there. We’d recommend getting a heated towel rail style radiator, which looks sleek and stylish in almost any setting In a bathroom, it comes in very useful, as the many railing provides great opportunity to heat up and present towels to your guests in an elegant fashion. Another benefit to updating your radiator is that, compared to the old style, these energy efficient radiators only use around 30% of the amount of energy whilst also heating the bathroom and drying the hand towels in about half the time. You can get their stylish radiators in places like Trade Radiators online.


Bring the room to life with plants

Image result for bathroom plant

We at Pure Kitchens & Bathrooms believe that you shouldn’t go into a bathroom with the intentions of decorating it to a specific style, use natural interior accessories such as plants to add the burst of colour which you need to bring the room to life. Due to the steam and high temperatures which bathrooms can often be under, think of using more tropical styled plants such as snake plants, spider plants, bamboo and orchids, as the steam and heat won’t affect their long life.


Delicious Dinnerware on a Budget

Crockery and other dinnerware are things that we use every day so you should like them, and they should also reflect your own personal style. Since they get such frequent use they always of course have to be practical, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look good at the same time! If you are still stuck with a mish-mash of IKEA plates and left over odd pieces from various members, then it is high time that you looked into getting yourself a nice set of dinnerware that will obviously last you for years to come. One of the great things about dinnerware sets, aside from the use that you will guaranteed be able get out of them, is the fact that you don’t always have to spend the earth to ensure that you get something that looks good. If you’ve been thinking of buying a new and lovely dinnerware set, but are on a bit of a budget, then check out these lovely bargain offerings right here. Read more “Delicious Dinnerware on a Budget”


Gorgeous Kitchen Furnishings

The kitchen is probably the most-used and most important room in your home, and even if you are a not a fan of cooking or lack cooking skills, you will at least make your morning coffee there! Since it is such an integral part to our homes, it is important that you like the design of it, so if you are staying in somewhere any length of time, then we recommend that you transform your kitchen style to suit you. One of the easiest ways to do this without having to put on a lick of paint is by investing in some lovely kitchen furnishings that are as practical as they are gorgeous. If you’ve been thinking about making a few small changes to your kitchen for a while now, then read on to discover some fantastic furnishings that are sure to look great in your kitchen. Read more “Gorgeous Kitchen Furnishings”


Beautiful Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to our home interior dreams and designs, but this simply shouldn’t be the case. This is one room that you guarantee need and use every day, but just because it is a necessity, doesn’t mean that it can’t look good too. With such a huge range of home-ware available out there both in the shops and online there is no excuse to have a dingy bathroom that simply doesn’t echo the effort that you have put into your other rooms. Even if you live in rented accommodation, with the addition of a few key accessories you can easily transform your bathroom into a luxurious looking room that is still functional and easy to keep clean. We’ve found some beautiful bathroom accessories, so if your bathroom needs a mini-makeover then read on to find out all about them. Read more “Beautiful Bathroom Accessories”


Fantastic Fairy Lights

Once only the realm of little girl’s rooms, in the last 5 years or so, fairy lights have really come into their own as a way of creating a soft, romantic and whimsical look in our homes and gardens. And the great thing is that home interior designers of all budgets and styles seem to have realised our passion for a good fairy light and are helping to fuel this obsession with some gorgeous designs that can suit any style, budget or requirement. From wedding decorations to bedrooms, kitchens, outdoor decking and more, adding a string of fairy lights is a sure fire way of also adding some instant style to your interiors. If you are looking to light-up your décor with some lovely fairy lights, then you should check out these gorgeous ones below that look great and are reasonably priced too! Read more “Fantastic Fairy Lights”