Month: March 2018


How to Add Some Luxury to Your Bathroom Re-Design

Bathrooms are a main aspect of a property and have the potential to add a lot of extra value to your home if you ever consider selling it. To make your bathroom stand out and give it a sense of luxury, these tips will hopefully give you the extravagant bathroom space you want.

Smart Investment in Fixtures

The main fixtures in your bathroom (baths, showers, sinks & toilets) will be a large focal point in the room for both you and any guests that visit, it is important if your budget allows it to invest in a really striking bathroom fixture.

You may not necessarily have to change anything else in your bathroom, merely investing in a high-quality fixture itself will add such a large sense of luxury.

Choosing a whirlpool bath which is a bit more than just a regular tub could be a major luxurious addition to your bathroom.

The use of the jets in the whirlpool bath creates motion in the water and has been reported as providing health benefits. They are great for relaxation and the motion of the water can increase circulation, treat arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

Choose a whirlpool bath to add some extravagance to your bathroom by choosing a seller such as Luna Spas.


Lighting & Mirrors

It is important to cleverly choose lighting within your bathroom, getting the correct balance between natural light from windows and lighting fixtures is important. When choosing lighting fixtures, fluorescent tube lights can be too harsh and clinical for this particular space. Whereas, spotlights or downlights on the ceiling will be more appropriate and give sufficient lighting in the space.

To browse an extensive range of lighting, is a website dedicated to various different lights and would be great to choose the perfect lights for your bathroom.

Mirrors and lighting go together, that is because mirrors have the ability to reflect natural light off their reflective surface and create the illusion that a room or space is bigger than it actually is. If you have a smaller bathroom space and you want to make it appear a bit larger, then placing multiple mirrors in your bathroom is a great way to do this.


Colour Scheme

Even a really simple bathroom that uses great colouring can look extremely luxurious. White bathroom colouring is a classic choice for a reason; it looks simple and elegant without too much hassle.

Choosing a white or neutral wall paint colour, then choosing your towels, painting your furniture and making sure as much of the contents of your bathroom are neutral or white will go a long way in creating a luxurious look that you are after.